Tapas Mitra
Associate Professor,
Mob:- +91-8085814393  Ext-210


Institute Responsibilities:
Associate Professor & HOD

Courses Taught:
1) Architectural Design
2) Art Appreciation
3) History of Western Architecture
4) Theory of Design
5) Urban Design Studio
6) Advanced seminar in city form in M.Arch, Urban Design
7)UG and PG (UD) thesis

Areas of Research/Study:
Areas of interest include art history and criticism, architectural design theory and urban studies. PhD Research titled“Integrating ‘grey zones’ in the city fabric: A study in transformation of Housing dynamics in Kolkata, India”, seeks to identify the ‘quintessential’ Kolkata residential neighbourhoods and examines them in the context of the city’s development patterns. The work assesses the vulnerability of neighbourhoods to total transformations and attempts to identify different attributes responsible for transformations, correlating their own inter relationships, which affect the dynamics of change. Based on the cumulative impact of the effect of these attributes, suggestive intervention strategies are put forward, with a commentary on possibilities of taking this research forward.