Doctoral (Ph.D.) Programme

School of Planning and Architecture offers doctoral degree in Architecture & Planning. The broad objectives of the Ph.D. programme is not only to keep pace with the expanding horizons of knowledge but also to provide research and training that has a relevance to the present needs of the society in relation to social, cultural and environmental sustenance. The Ph.D. degree is awarded in recognition of the high academic achievements, independent research generation and application of knowledge to the solutions that focus on issues relating to settlement and habitat development. The academic programme leading to the degree is broad based and involves a minimum course credit requirement and a research thesis. The school encourages research in interdisciplinary areas through a system of interdepartmental joint supervision. This provides excellent opportunities for interdisciplinary research. The presence of a strong research oriented faculty in the school provide excellent support for the doctoral programme.

Masters Degree in Architecture / Planning or equivalent with good academic record. Masters Degree in Technology and other relevant disciplines related with the built environment with basic degree in Architecture/Planning will also be eligible.

Admission Procedure
1) Eligible candidates possessing the minimum qualifications and satisfying additional criteria set by the school will be called for an entrance test followed by an interview by the Selection Committee appointed by the Chairman, Academic Council.
2) Based on the academic record and the performance of the candidates in the test and interview, the names of the candidates found suitable for admission to the Ph.D. programme will be finalized.

Course Work
The research scholar will make a presentation before the Doctoral Committee appointed by Chairman, Academic Council soon after joining the programme. The Doctoral Committee will consider the proposed research topic and prescribe or approve the courses of study to be undertaken by the research scholar.
1) During the first semester of studies at the school, all research scholars will be required to undertake the compulsory course of Research Methods. The Doctoral Committee prescribes at least one and not more than three elective courses depending on the area of research. The prescribed courses will be postgraduate level courses of the school.
2) During the second semester of studies, all research scholars will be required to make two seminar presentations on the topics approved by the Doctoral Committee.

Research Work
1) After finalization of Thesis Guide(s), the research scholar, with the consent of his/her thesis guide(s) will be advised to finalize the Research Topic as early as possible but before the end of fourth semester of studies.
2) Once the research scholar finalizes the topic, he/she will present the research topic in a seminar before the Doctoral Committee. The Academic Council will, if it approves the research topic, permit the research scholar to proceed with the research work on the selected topic.

Doctoral Fellowship
1. To be considered for fellowship, the candidate should have a valid GATE score or Govt. / Non Govt. Fellowship/Sponsorship.
2. Doctoral Fellowship of the school shall be available for full-time candidates with minimum two years of professional work experience in addition to meeting the requirements of the clause above.
3. Duration of the fellowship shall normally be three years but shall be extended for a maximum of six months on recommendation by the Research Supervisor of the candidate to the Chairman, Academic Council.

Approved modifications in Ordinance for Doctoral Programmes (Amended) 2018.
Ordinance for Doctoral Programmes (Amended) 2018.