Guidelines for Authors

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Papers and images may be emailed to

Paper Format

  • Manuscripts shall be submitted in soft copy using MS Word.
  • Abstract or summary of the paper shall not be more than 150 words; full paper: 4500 words; book review: 1000 words; critiques on case studies: 3500 words.
  • Key words of not more than five in number shall be indicated after the abstract.
  • In case of figures, drawings, or photographs, the same shall be mailed separately as image files of suitable print resolution.

Text Format

  • Headings: Arial 14 bold
  • Section Headings: Arial 12 bold
  • Body of Text: Arial 11 at single spacing
  • All papers to be supported with references.


All images shall be in jpeg, bmp, or tiff format with a resolution not less than 350 dpi.

Referencing Format

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