About Workshop
Architectural Workshop is 280 work space for architecture students to help develop their three dimensional visual perception, improve their skill of model- making and produce models of their design projects. The workshop has dedicated spaces, machinery and technologies for working with a wide range of tools and materials. The students learn proper use of tools, equipments and machines, different techniques used in model making, selection of material according to need of design project, and use of various material like wood, polystyrene acrylic, clay, plaster of Paris, paper and metal.
In order to use the workshop the students attend an induction session and workshop practice course. The induction clarifies what one can expect from the workshop, familiarizes with the health and safety codes, and make them aware of the basic functions of equipment and available tools. The workshop also houses a Material Library which has a rich collection of building materials used in the construction industry. Other than all above, Climatology Equipments for teaching climate related architecture subjects are also part of this workshop.

Machinery, Equipments and Tools

• Laser Engraver
• Plotter
• Hotwire Cutter
• Power Tools
• Circular Saw
• Double wheeled Grinder
• Metal Cut off
• Wide Ranged Hand tools
• Curving & Lino tools