SPA Bhopal has been offering research and consultancy services to various organisations on projects of exemplary merit. The projects which are currently in process are listed below.

Sl. No. Name of the Project Website of the Project
 1 Project Name: IMPRESS
Project Title:
‘Spatio-temporal and Socio-economic Rural Transformation in Madhya Pradesh: An Inter District Econometric Analysis ‘
2 Heritage Impact Assessment Antari, Sanchi etc  
3 Bhootnath Temple Complex- Ashapuri  
4 Heritage Impact Assessment - Mandav (M.P.)  
5 Architectural Documentation of historic structures in Madhya Pradesh: Phase I  
6 Architectural Documentation of historic structures in Madhya Pradesh :Phase II  
Mapping the socio spatial divide-a tool for informed decision making in urban transformation
8 Conservation of Qudasia Mahal Bhopal   
9 Enhancement of Mobility in Rural and Semi-urban Areas Through Electric Bicycles   
10 GIS based Master Plan for Imphal  
12 Building Resilient Urban Communities (BReUCom) View
13 Tamil temple towns: Conservation and Contestation- Phase -II  
14 Enhancing provision of Rental Housing through Public Private Partnership for Indian cities.  
15 Politics of Care in Pandemic Time: North-South Knowledge Sharing on Civil Society Solidarity Networks in London and Kolkata  
16 Politics of Care in the Pandemic Time: Investigating Infrastructure of Solidarity Networks   
17 Architectural Consultancy Services to AIIMS Bhopal  
18 Urban Missions in India- Targets, performance& linkages to UN SDG & COVID-19 Resilient Urban development  
19 Indian – SDG Monitoring through Earth Observation (This is a research project particularly for the development of a GIS web-based portal to monitor the spatial SDG of Kochi)  
20 DIC - Shelter for All (The aim of the project 'Rapid Appraisal Format for Transforming Areas of Residences' (RAFTAR) is to bring about innovation in capturing and analysing data and predicting scenarios of housing transformation using a web based/ android based tool kit. This tool would help urban local bodies make informed decisions on redevelopment projects, ward budgeting and property tax fixation bringing about resource efficiency in urban local bodies. ) View