Karna Sengupta
Assistant Professor,Department of Architecture

Pursuing PhD in Architecture from School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal since July 2012. Master of Arts in Urban Design , Cardiff University
Bachelor of Architecture , Nagpur University

Institute Responsibilities:
Assistant Professor

Courses Taught:

Town Planning
Behavioral Psychology
Architectural theory and research methodology (Elective)
Architectural Design Studio at (Fourth year level)
Design thesis
Urban design methods and techniques
Theory of city form
Advanced theory of city form
Forms of contemporary urbanism
Urban Design studio
Urban design thesis

Areas of Research/Study:
My undergraduate thesis explored the urban scape of the and water interface at Varanasi showing my inclination at urban studies at undergraduate level. . My urban design studies in the UK included exploration of the urban realm, social spaces ,and implication of public realm strategies on neighbourhoods and communities. My current PhD topic looks at the relationship between the university and the city and the spatial implications of the university on the city and vice versa. The research is further trying to explore newer spatial university models in India which would benefit the city and also accommodate the exponential rise in student strength in these universities. The research also intends to look at the regional spatial impacts of universities in a city. Apart from my PhD research, my other research interests include impact of ICT on urban design, social network analysis , Placelessness in the Urban Landscape.