Kakoli Saha
Assistant Professor, Department of Planning

Ph.D. in Applied Remote Sensing, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, USA (9/2006-12/2010).

Institute Responsibilities:
Head, Geo-informatics Centre

Courses Taught:
MEP1204: GIS Application in Environmental Planning MAUD0106B: Computer Application BPLN0518: Advanced GIS in Planning
BPLN0515: Qualitative and Quantitative Technique in Planning BPLN0413: GIS and Remote Sensing in Planning
BPLN0215: Application of Statistical Techniques in Planning

Areas of Research/Study: Application of GIS to assess physical accessibility of the built environment; Application of Remote Sensing techniques to optimize the location of renewable energy infrastructure; Visualization of digital terrain data, Use of Global Positioning System to locate meso-scale landforms ;Quantitative methods in planning.