Form No. Nature of Form
1   Registration form for even semester UG, PG & Ph.D. programme (Revised)
2 Scholarship Application Form For P.G. Program (GATE/NET Scholarship)
3 Scholarship Application Form For U.G. Program (Merit-Cum-Means)
4 Affidevit format - Merit Cum-Means
5 Student's Insurance Form.

Form No. Nature of Form
AD-1 Earned Leave/ Half Pay Leave/ Commuted Leave/ Extra Ordinary Leave(EOL)/ Maternity Leave/ Paternity Leave
AD-1/1 Medical Certificate for gazette officers recommended leave or extension of leave or commutation of leave (form 3)
AD-1/2 Medical Certificate of fitness to return to duty (form 5)
AD-2 Request for permission to leave station (Revised).
AD-3 Application for grant of L.T.C
AD-4 Earned leave Encashment with L.T.C
AD-5 Vacation form
AD-6 Proforma for joining after vacation
AD-7 Joining Report


Form No. Nature of Form
FA-1 Requisition for Contingency Advance
FA-2 Contingency Advance Settlement
FA-3 Application form for grant of Imprest
FA-4 Form for Recouping of Imprest
FA-5 Children Education Allowance Reimbursement Form
FA-6 Leave Travel Concession Bill
FA-7 Tour Approval and Tour Advance form for Faculty
FA-7/1 Tour Approval and Tour Advance form for Staff
FA-8 Travelling Allowance Bill for Tour
FA-9 TA/ Honorarium for Experts (Academic Work)
FA-10 TA/ Honorarium for Experts (Non Academic Work)
FA-11 Reimbursement of Expenses
FA-12 CPDA Reimbursement Form
FA-13 LTC Advance Form
FA-14 Form for claiming refund of domiciliary medical expenses (for claims below 3000)
FA-15 Form for claiming refund of domiciliary medical expenses(for claims above 3000)


Form No. Nature of Form
S&P-1 Indent Form
S&P-2 Requisition form for consumable items
S&P-3 Vehicle Request Form

Data Center

Form No. Nature of Form
D&C-1 Maintenace Request Revised.
D&C-2 Work Request Form

Research and Development

Form No. Nature of Form
R&D-1 Adjustment of project expenditure charged to institute expenditure.
R&D-2 Advance Requisition
R&D-3 Advance Settlement
R&D-4 Cheque Submission
R&D-5 Reimbursement of Expenses

Form No. Nature of Form
LIB-1 Library Membership.
LIB-2 Library Membership (Guest Faculty, Outsource, Project, etc.).
LIB-3 Book Indent/Recommendation.
LIB-4 Journal Recommendation.
LIB-7 Books Lost /Damaged Report.

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