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        Details of visiting Medical consultants/professionals of SPA, Bhopal


  • Dr. Rahul Khare,
    • M.D.
    • Consultant Physician and Director of Manisha Hospital.Bhopal
    • Dr. Rahul Khare visit the Institute on every Tuesday and Friday of week for 1 hour on each visit from 01:00 PM to 02:00PM. In case of emergency the students and staff can visit their Hospital situated in Nehru Nagar, Bhopal
  • Dr. P.N.Puntambekar
    • M.S.
    • Consultant Physician.
    • Dr. P.N.Puntambekar visit the Boys Hostel, Ratibad, Bhopal on every Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday of Week for 1 hour on each visit  from  06:00PM onwards . In case of emergency medical consultant can visit the Hostel and Institute at any time as per Institute request.
  • Dr. Kakoli Roy,
    • Consultant Clinical Psychologist
    • Director, Roy Institute of Mental Health & Allied Science, Bhopal
    • Dr. Kakoli Roy visit the Institute on every Wednesday of Week for 02 hours on each visit from 12:00 PM to 02:00 PM. In case of any distress related complaints, the staff and students can visit their clinic situated at Arera Colony, Bhopal (With prior appointment).
 Mrs. Kakoli Roy has been appointed as the Counsellor for School of Planning & Architecture, Bhopal. She is a Professional Clinical Psychologist with 27 years of Intensive experience of working with clients needing Psychological support for their life problems. She will offer counselling services to anyone who needs help to tide over problems arising out of Academic difficulties and career related pressures; stress in life; relationship difficulties, Depression, anxiety and or other psychological or emotional problems due to any reasons.
Counseling is a process that involves 2-way, open communication between the client and the counsellor ensuring complete Confidentiality (Secrecy) of the client. The process involves accepting & respecting the client, without judging them, (We believe that nothing is absolutely “Right” or “Wrong” and that we (Humans) may always learn from our mistakes and take corrective measures.) Counselling helps the client to tide over major life crises and adapt her/his life situations, better.
NB: Confidentiality can only be foregone in situations where the client may be potentially harmful to himself/ herself or to others.
** Kakoli Roy & Sumit Roy of Manas Kutir, have recently launched a very useful state of the art Service in the form of ONLINE VIDEO COUNSELLING. Any one can access the service from the cozy comfort of their rooms. Online registration, Payment and appointments can be sought. Please visit us at
Phone No. 9425301167, Reception: 0755 2461696

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